Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 460) Bit Of History

“So what happened?” Stephen asks now very intrigued in hearing this bit of history.

“What happened was. . .” Laszlo repeats just under his breath. “She, your grandmother,” he looks at Stephen, “she began writing me letters, leaving them in jars on the steps of my house, dropping them in my pocket when she was near. All of this was right under your grandfather’s nose but I didn’t have the heart to tell him.”

“So you had an affair?” Zsofia questions honestly.

“Yes,” he answers quickly for he cannot deny it, “and I am not proud of it because I betrayed my best friend. If he had ever found out, it would have crushed him and I know it was wrong, but. . .” He does not finish his statement.

“I remember her being around the house, slipping in to talk to you. I never thought anything of it but now, it all makes sense.” Zsofia confirms.


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