Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 463) She Did It

“After the death of your childhood friend, on the doors and windows, you bound the wood with iron!” Klara smacks her cane to the floor. “A non believer does not go though that much trouble.” She glares at him. “A non believer does not plan and scheme and spend days and hours to secure nothing!” She hunches over, rolling her shoulders, as if she has a pain in her back.

Laszlo looks at the old woman with sorrow and a sadness that Zsofia has never seen upon his face before. She is worried about her grandfather, for she knows the kind of man he is and this entire story is out of character in every way. She looks at Stephen who is sitting next to her. He is very quiet as he stares at the fireplace and Laszlo begins to speak again.

“She did it. . . she was able to bring the demon, the Guta. . . she brought it up from the depths of hell to do her biding.” The old man punches the arm of the sofa and looks up at the ceiling.


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