Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 469) Same Traits

The last words spoken in the room, just minutes ago, were from Stephen as he questioned Klara about Tamas but she never gave an answer. Everyone in the room seems to be in their own thoughts for no one is speaking and with this silence, they can hear the storm outside as rain pelts the windows and thunder rattles the glass. With a deep breath, Klara sits down on the sofa next to Laszlo and she looks directly across the table at Stephen.

“The answer is no, Istvan.” She says in a calm tone.

Confused by this, Stephen looks at her for several seconds wondering if he blanked out and did not hear all that she was saying.

“Come again? What is, no?” He questions.

“You are nothing like her, dear soul. You do not carry the same traits as your Grandmother.” The old woman tips her head to the side as she coughs.

Once again, Klara has answered a question Stephen carried only in his mind.

“There is a passion in you and it’s terribly stifled, but you can overcome it. That is if you wish to.” The old woman states.

Out of the corner of his eye, he can tell Zsofia is looking directly at him. He wishes to open up and to tell her how he feels about her, but maybe self-doubt is what keeps him from acting on his impulse. He wants to spend time with her, to learn about who she is, to see if she is true in how he sees her. The loving kindness she demonstrates makes him feel a happiness he never knew nor ever thought he would find. Now, images of the Guta step into his internal sight, which darkens his mind and the happiness rather quickly.


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