Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 470) It Listens

“You cannot let it win and you must first understand it before you can banish it forever.” Klara says as she turns to look at the open door to the hallway. “It is there, just outside the door but it cannot enter.” She says in her normal tone, she then leans across the table between the two sofa’s and whispers, “But it listens.”

This sends a sharp twinge of fear through everyone as they all turn to look at the muted gray and black tones just outside the open door. The seemingly empty blackness of the hall is energized yet appears oppressed and lifeless. Zsofia watches, just like everyone else, but she then slides closer to Stephen who puts his arm around her in a protective manner.

“What is she talking about? What is out in the hall?” Zsofia whispers to Stephen.

“It is a creature of unimaginable pain, sorrow, and death.” Klara states as an answer to a question that was not loud enough for anyone other than Stephen to hear. “Its trickery and methods make you believe the victim passed due to natural causes, but what actually takes place could not be farther from the truth.”

“But what is it?” Zsofia asks as she presses herself closer to Stephen as fear rises from her toes to the top of her head.

“It is a demon sweet girl, one of the most terrifying minions from the depths of hell.” Klara quickly sits up straight on the sofa cushion as if she was touched and startled.


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