Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 471) Very Close

“I do not understand. How can this be?” Zsofia asks as she looks from Klara, to her grandfather who is being extremely quiet, and then she directs her attention to Stephen. “I’ve been coming here for years and have never witnessed anything out of the ordinary other than an occasional strange feeling, but that can happen anywhere. Was I in danger coming here?” She pauses, and then looks at her elder. “Grandfather?”

“Because you do not see it does not mean it is not real.” The old woman snickers, not allowing Laszlo a chance to reply to his granddaughter. “Istvan can see it. He has observed it many times.”

“Is this true?” Zsofia asks and Stephen nods yes. “Have I been with you when this has happened?” Zsofia questions.

She leans over to look into Stephen’s eyes but he is looking down at the floor as if in deep thought. He sits quietly, unsure if he should tell her and for several seconds mulls his words over in his mind before replying to her question.

“Yes, when we were together at your house, it was sitting next to your grandfather while he was lying on the floor in your kitchen. You were very close and when it reached out to touch you. . . well. . . that is when I grabbed you and pulled you away.” He looks her in the eyes and prays she understands.

Shocked by this, Zsofia lifts her hand to her mouth as she holds back the breath she quickly gulped into her lungs. Her sparkling eyes are wide and fearful as she glances at her grandfather who is staring into the bright light of the fire.


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