Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 472) Confined

“Before the passing of Istvan’s great-uncle, you were never in danger here, for it had not been released from its small dark confinement.” Klara looks at Laszlo and waits patiently for him to comment.

“The monster was held in its chamber where it had been trapped all these years.” Laszlo says nervously. “It was not until Stephen’s great-uncle went looking for money and items of value to sell that he found the small room. His greedy mind was telling him to search for money and treasures and he stumbled upon the cell of the Guta, which he disturbed by breaking down the barriers that kept it confined.” The old man says as he tightens his left hand into a fist.

“Opening the door freed it from years of darkness and one might think the creature would be thankful,” Klara pauses as she shakes her finger at them, “but we all know the outcome of his mistake.”

“I ordered you to stay away after I realized what may have happened.” Laszlo says to Zsofia as tears fill his puffy eyes.

“You still came though, every week.” Klara says as fact as she shifts her gaze from Zsofia to Stephen. “She wanted to keep things tidy for you, Istvan.” She turns as Laszlo looks down shaking his head, for he did not realize how often his granddaughter ignored his direct order.

“The Guta lurks in the shadows of dismal days and ventures out under the veil of shadows and night so it did not bother with you, dear child.” Klara states with authority. “Besides, it wasn’t you it was after.” She looks directly at Laszlo as the room falls silent.


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  1. Powerful & intriguing story!

    August 12, 2015 at 7:49 am

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