Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 473) Attention

Rumbles of thunder boom in low rhythms and the feeling of dampness seeps its way into the manor. As the thickness in the air grows stronger, a pressing chill settles in on the group. Stephen shivers as he stands up and walks to the fireplace where he places two large pieces of wood onto the brightly burning fire. For just a moment, the flames nearly die out but soon the warm flashes of flickering light dance across the smoking logs once again.

Stephen turns and looks back at Zsofia who is watching her grandfather with strong intensity. To Stephen, Zsofia is the most fervent woman he has ever known and as he observes her, his own self-assurance grows. His life up to this point has been unpleasant at best and he never saw himself maturing past his early twenty’s. Yet, somehow in some way, Zsofia has given him strength and a sense of self.

Even though he is looking right at her when she turns and catches his gaze, he continues to hold his stance. Zsofia grins and tips her head down in the slightest blush and Stephen finally realizes she now knows he has been staring at her. A smile burst across his face that he cannot control and he does not want to. He knows without a doubt, he is in love with this fair-haired spirit.

“Before we go any further, all of you must first understand the three important parts of the world tree.” Klara says as she looks at the open door.

The room was so quiet just before she spoke that Stephen and Zsofia both jump from the sound of the old woman’s voice. The attention they were giving to one another ceases as they glance in Klara’s direction.


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  1. Very gripping!

    August 14, 2015 at 4:12 am

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