Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 476) Underworld

“I’m guessing the next section is hell, right?” Stephen asks as he watches the candles sitting on the table.

“The roots of the tree are indeed the underworld. It is the place of bad souls and dead people who did cruel and evil things in life.” She shakes her head back and forth.

“It is where pesky insects and flies and lice were hatched to be bothersome to the living. It is home to the creator of all things bad for humans, a place where evil spirits and demons thrive and most of all, it is the birthplace of the Guta.” Again, she wraps her thin and crooked fingers around the silver and gold-plated amulet hanging from her neck.

“Your grandmother thought of herself as blessed with the ability to contact spirits, and interpret dreams, but when events did not go as she planned, she became bitter and began to harden.” Klara looks out at the hallway as lightning flickers at the windows.

“She became an ugly soul full of hatred, selfishness, and revenge.” Klara says in a gruff manner as Laszlo looks over at her, seemingly coming out of his silent gaze.

“Before she summoned it, she had me build a small room in the basement here at the manor. It was made of stone and wood and the door was embedded with strips of iron.” Laszlo proclaims.


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