Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 477) My Role In This

The small cubicle in the basement, Stephen thinks to himself as he listens to Laszlo’s explanation of the confinement room. He does not dare mention that he has already stumbled upon such a sight.

“She planned on the Guta doing her bidding,” Laszlo continues in a low voice. “And then she planned to trick it into the room, and she was successful.” His voice quivers. “I was told to seal it by layering a trail of salt all the way around the room and across the threshold of the only door.” Laszlo looks down and puts his hand to his forehead.

“Grandfather, what is it? What are you thinking?” Zsofia asks.

She watches her grandfather for a reaction to her question but he does not acknowledge her immediately. Instead, the elderly man stares at the fireplace with its dancing flames of golden light flickering in his eyes. He then takes in several slow deep breaths before speaking.

“I have put all of you in danger and now realize the damage created due to my role in this.” Laszlo looks at his granddaughter with teary eyes. “I have never seen the beast but poor Tamas, he has the ability, just like you.” He says as he looks in Stephen’s direction while Zsofia does the same.

“Do you see it now?” Zsofia whispers to Stephen as she stays focused on his face.

“Yes.” Stephen replies as he puts his arm around her, pulling her close and she reciprocates by wrapping her arms around him.


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