Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 478) Bits Of Iron

Resting her head on Stephen’s shoulder, Zsofia stares out at the seemingly empty doorway. With her this close, Stephen can smell the lemony berry scent he has come to recognize so well. Her hair is sweet and soft as she nuzzles up to him. This feels right to Stephen, comforting and calming, he cannot stand the thought of her being hurt or frightened by the monster lurking in the hall. He feels stronger and more in control of himself at this moment but anger is growing inside.

All this time, he has been watching it, this nasty creature that he fears. From the moment they entered the room, it has focused on them, pacing back and forth unable to cross the threshold to enter. Stepping to the left then crossing to the right it moves in a woven pattern becoming more and more agitated. Its body crooked and bent, and shiny as if wet. The protective line of salt Klara blessed and sprinkled on the floor seems to bar if from the group.

It is now, as he focuses on the doorway, that Stephen sees tiny bits of iron inlaid in the wood of the door and frame. He had not noticed this before for it looks like whoever put it there was trying to conceal it. If this is indeed part of the tool used to keep the Guta out, then his grandfather should have been safe here in his own bed and sitting room.


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