Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 479) Foolish

“The wood and iron on and around the door,” Stephen directs this to Klara. “You told me it creates barriers for the Guta. With it on this door, my grandfather would have been under its protection here in his bedroom. Why did they move to the gatehouse where he was attacked and died?”

“Your grandfather had been attacked twice in two days here at the manor and then your grandmother left for a three-day visit.” Laszlo states rather quickly. “I have no idea where she went or who she stayed with, but while she was away, I inlaid the iron as a protection device.” He pauses as he looks back at the door to the bedroom where Tamas is resting.

“Your grandmother realized what I had done.” Laszlo says before he once again puts his hand to his forehead. “I tried to conceal it from her. Your grandfather was my best friend!” He raises his voice in anger then it drifts down to a light whisper. “I did not want anything to happen to him. I was so foolish.” He drops his hand down to rest it on the arm of the couch.

“When she started this, all of this evil business, she told me she would trap this creature in a small room where she could control it. She told me all entries to the manor must be embedded with wood and iron at all doors and windows to keep the Guta there, trapped and under her control, just in case something went wrong.” Laszlo says in a low tone.


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