Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 480) Found Out

“She was as clever as the demon for as part of the offering she said the Guta would have free reign of the manor. Being the ruthless individual she was, she also wanted it to be a trap to keep the beast here forever. Isn’t that right?” Klara says to Laszlo in an orderly manner.

“Yes,” Laszlo replies. “Once every door and window in this place was secure, it was contained here inside these walls. It then began pouncing upon its victim, your grandfather, repeatedly and he became very ill.” Laszlo looks toward the door. “I wanted it to stop, to leave him alone, but she would not call it off. So I came here while she was away and did what I could to build a barrier.” He looks down as he begins to cry.

“He was found out,” Klara says in a low tone. “She was too smart to be fooled by a kind deed so she moved her husband to the gatehouse.”

“Yes. She fooled everyone, including me.” Laszlo says as he looks at Zsofia. “She told me she had made a mistake and that moving him away from the manor would give him time to heal, and time for her to find a way to banish the Guta from their lives.”

“So what happened, what went wrong? How did the Guta get to him if all of these things were put into place?” Stephen questions almost frantic as his heart rate goes up.


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