Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 481) Left Open

The first thoughts running through Stephen’s mind are of the safety of the group gathered here, huddled together and fearful. If his grandmother, who started this entire process, changed her mind and decided to protect his grandfather, how did the Guta get to him? Are they safe now, with the beast on the other side of the wall? He starts to address his question to Klara but she begins to speak.

“There was one door, one single door in this entire manor that was purposely left open and unattended. Wasn’t there?” She quizzes to Laszlo and then coughs as she glances in the opposite direction at the open door to the hallway.

“So it found its way out anyhow.” Stephen says as he glances at Zsofia who is listening intently.

“She wanted it to. She left the door open that was least conspicuous, the one that goes from the conservatory to the southern wall.” Laszlo rubs his hands as if they ache with pain.

“That is the way I used to sneak in, it has always been unlocked.” Zsofia says with a shiver as she whispers this to Stephen.

“But until just recently, my dear, the Guta had once again been contained behind the barriers laid out around it.” Klara says in a riddle sort of way as she looks at Zsofia and then continues talking as if reading an excerpt from a book. “At the time of your coming and going, it didn’t matter how many doors or windows were unlocked and open for it was being held down by the rules before it.”


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