Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 482) Her Steps

“Your Grandmother, Stephen, she had not changed.” Laszlo continues. “She simply wanted me to think she had. The moving of your Grandfather to the gatehouse was all for show to make her look like a devoted wife and grandmother to her visiting son and grandson.” Laszlo looks at Klara. “She thought she could control it but as a demon, it once ran free across the land and had done so for centuries.” The aging man shakes his head back and forth. “With her summons, the Guta was forced to stay close by and it followed her everywhere. After the death of your grandfather,” he looks at Stephen, “she found herself living in fear and then it began to beat on her.

“I was the one who finally trapped it again in the small cell in the basement.” Laszlo runs his hand down his face from his brow to his chin. “I followed her steps perfectly and was able to do it by myself.” He leans his chin on his hand as he tries not to cry.

“Why didn’t she help you, grandfather?” Zsofia quizzes.

“Because she was already dead!” The old man yells and then pauses as if his entire body has gone numb. “She hung herself from the fourth floor walkway in the conservatory. It was all because I shunned her. I fell out of love once I realized how evil she had become. Yet even after all of this, with my feelings toward her changed, I told her I would help her capture the beast that had now turned on her.” He begins to sob. “I helped her create this and now, after all these years, understand why she took her own life.”


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