Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 483) Uncomfortable

“The pieces of it have all come together for me now.” Klara smiles, but only slightly, as she speaks softly. “I finally understand the things I have seen in my readings and mind. I now identify with the directions I have been pulled.” She looks down at her feet and clasps her hands together at her chest.

“I can tell you it is not what I expected.” She whispers as if speaking to herself. “It is not only Istvan it wants. . . it has been you all this time Laszlo. It wants to cast its revenge onto you.” She points at him much like a judge condemning the man and a transparent current explodes in the room causing everyone to become tense and uncomfortable.

“You dear boy, are a victim of your grandmother’s evil doing.” Klara points at him as if giving him a command and her voice lowers. “When someone has been cursed and is held in the shadows of Guta, they do not function like others.” She says as she reaches out, taking his hand in hers. “Yes, it was a curse that she laid upon all of us!” The old woman’s hands begin to quiver. “We must find a way; yes. . . we must find a way.”

“A way to what? What are you talking about?” Stephen asks as he quickly pulls his hand away, but the old woman merely stands up and walks to the bedroom door to look in on Tamas.


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