Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 484) Blends In

Stephen realizes it has been several hours since this entire span of time and extensive conversation began. Much of the time spent has been here, in this single room. The windows show the sky is growing even darker than before as the thickness of the storm clouds stifle any afternoon sun.

It has been many minutes since Stephen last looked out at the bleak and foreboding hallway. He has not heard the tapping sounds from the feet of the Guta nor does he see it at this moment. With much deliberation into what he is learning, Stephen is not sure if this conversation is more or less frightening than the attention he is receiving from the creature watching him.

Focusing on the darkest portion of the hall, he stares at the blackness. After several seconds, when he is about to convince himself that nothing is there, he sees it. The deep red color of the creature blends in well with the colorless backdrop and its eyes glisten as the candlelight flickers in them. They are deep dark liquefied circles of inertness and evil.

As the clarity of Stephen’s gaze increases, he realizes this corrupted menace is grinning while looking directly at him. Its mouth wide across its face with only a small slit for an opening. This challenging moment seems to delight the Guta for it begins to grin wide showing dark teeth inside a black stained mouth.


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