Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 485) Oppressed

This entire conversation has been leaning toward Laszlo as the beasts’ main focus, but to Stephen in looking at this monsters wicked stare, realizes it is still very much in pursuit of him.

“The shadows of Guta hang over you boy. You need to look away.” Klara gravels in a very low voice without looking at Stephen.

“You keep saying that.” Stephen says in response to her statement. “What does that mean, the shadows of Guta?” He questions as Klara slowly turns around to face him.

“The first time I physically met you, your skin was shallow and your eyes anxious.” She speaks softly as she walks to where Stephen and Zsofia are sitting. “There was grayness around you, a mist of sorts, and disappointment in your eyes.” She stares at him a moment and without blinking then says, “You are oppressed by the shadows of Guta from its depth of madness and fear to its paranoid and apprehensive waves of torment.”

“Even though, for all these years, he has not been around it?” Zsofia questions and the old woman grins slightly as she turns toward her.


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