Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 486) Eyes Diverted

“You too have been marked by the shadows of Guta, but you chose to rise above it.” Klara winks at Zsofia as if she is pleased in using her own words. “You had Tamas, who needed you and needed your graceful energy so you freely gave it to him. Your demeanor blossomed despite the pressure of distress, but not Istvan. No, he was scared and has carried this burden of suffering throughout his life.” She looks sad now as if she could cry at any moment but her eyes stay fixed on Stephen and no one says a word.

“The moment of your return to this place arose when your great-uncle was overcome by his greed.” Says Laszlo as he breaks the awkward silence in the room. “I don’t know if age played a part but he became diligent on finding some hidden treasure in these walls. Just look at the place, it is full of items that could be sold and if he needed money, he could have come to me!” The elderly man stands up.

“Was he broke or something?” Stephen asks as he tries to conceal the glance he made at the hallway.

Laszlo sees where his eyes diverted to and immediately sits as if scolded. Bowing his head down, he clears his throat and makes eye contact with Stephen. He moves his eyes as if asking if the Guta is near and Stephen nods his head up and down ever so slightly. Laszlo then begins to whisper.

“He thought there was a huge sum of money to be had and went mad looking for it. I could not tell him to stay away from the room in the basement for that would have driven him right to it!” He lowers his voice even more. “If I knew of a way to kill it, I would do it, but. . . it isn’t really living now is it?”


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