Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 487) Is It Near

“A demon cannot be harmed by the meager touch of man.” The old woman says as fact as she walks in the direction of the open door to the hall and pauses in her footing and speech. “Is it near, Istvan? I can feel it, but not see it.” She says softly as she places her hand on the door frame.

Stephen looks up just as the Guta steps forward but being mindful not to cross the ironwork and wood or the dusting of salt on the floor. It stands within inches of the old woman, its hideous features distorted by the poor lighting and its stature smaller than her as it looks up. The fierce expression in its eyes is somewhat devious, like a child trying to trick a parent but then it reaches up, holding its hand out as if to touch Klara’s face.

“Klara, you should move back!” Stephen yells as he stands up. “It’s going to touch you!”

As soon as the warning words leave his lips, the Guta grabs for Klara, easily plucking her from the room as if she weighs nothing. With her screaming and kicking, the beast drags her down the hall at such a pace that before Stephen steps over the line of salt; she is nearly at the end of the long dark corridor.


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