Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 488) Need To Move

Running at a sprint, Stephen lunges at the old woman with his arms stretched out in front of him. His body hits the floor with a loud thud as he grabs hold of Klara’s left ankle. Oddly, the Guta releases her as soon as Stephen takes hold and it stands calm and very still in the darkness of the hallway, only an arm length away. All the blood is rushing to Stephen’s head causing him to feel dizzy as the pressure of his adrenaline builds but he manages to stand up, pulling the old woman up next to him.

“Stephen!” Zsofia yells as she and her grandfather stay just inside the room but lean out to view the events in the hall.

“No, stay back Zsofia!” Stephen commands as he holds his hand up without losing eye contact with the wicked beast staring at him.

Droplets of thick saliva ooze from the mouth of the beast like a dog preparing for a fresh carnivorous meal. It wheezes as it laughs but does not blink its deep-set lifeless eyes, not once. Slowly Stephen pulls Klara to his side and then gently maneuvers her so she is now behind him. Together, slowly and deliberately, they back away from this frightening demonic presence. Its breaths are changing from slow gurgling intakes to more of a quick pant.

“It is going to pounce, the energy is strong.” Klara says as Stephen nudges her to hush.

“Isssstvan,” it hisses as Stephen tries to pick up the pace and speed the process of walking backwards, pushing Klara along.

“We need to move. . .” Stephen says as he takes hold of Klara’s hand. “We need to move, NOW!”


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