Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 490) Sharp

“My neck, oh. . . it hurts.” Stephen says with difficulty as Zsofia gently lifts his head to feel the backside of his neck.

“Ouch!” She says as she touches something sharp that slices across her finger. “Can you roll onto your side?” She asks in a calm manner trying to not upset or worry him.

“Yeah, what is it? What did that thing hit me with?” Stephen asks in a weak voice as he turns sideways.

“It’s a large hat pin.” Laszlo says as he slowly kneels down next to his granddaughter as she cradles Stephen’s head and shoulders. “It’s. . . it’s your grandmother’s hat pin, one that I bought her when we were young.” His voice trails off.

“Well get it out of me!” Stephen yells as he reaches for it and begins to panic. “Where is the Guta?” He rushes to say as he starts to roll over to look at the doorway but Laszlo applies pressure to hold him in place.

“You have to hold still, this is in a bad spot and we don’t want you bleeding out on us.” The old man says in a stern way.

As he inspects the area the thick pin punctured, Zsofia holds her breath. Very carefully, Laszlo wiggles the pin slightly as he leans down very close to Stephen’s neck to look at the depth of the object in the skin.


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