Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 491) Blood Stained

“It looks like you are lucky.” The old man says as he wraps two fingers around the butterfly looking piece of jewelry. “It didn’t hit your artery.”

“I don’t feel lucky. Get this thing out of my neck!” Stephen says with disgust.

“Okay, roll from your side to your stomach and stay calm. This might hurt.” The old man says as he begins to pull on the item.

Zsofia takes hold of Stephen’s hand and he squeezes it in preparation of the pain he is about to receive. Laszlo applies pressure around the item and pulls on it slowly as its blood stained stem lifts from Stephen’s skin. Once the item is clear, he takes a handkerchief from his pocket and applies pressure to the wound.

Zsofia runs her fingers through Stephen’s dark wavy hair as he lies face down with her grandfather pressing on the back of his neck. The handkerchief slowly turns red in the middle as blood begins to fill the fibers. Looking up at her grandfather with questioning and worrisome eyes, her elder shakes his head as if telling her not to say a word.

“Is it out?” Stephen asks as he starts to turn his head to the side.

“Just stay still, we’ve got a little blood to contend with.” Laszlo says as he continues to press on the cloth.


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