Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 492) Caring Nature

“Here, use this.” Klara says as she hands Laszlo a washcloth that has been soaked in some sort of green liquid. “The tonic will help stop the blood from flowing so easy.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Stephen says with worry for he has no idea the amount of blood he is losing.

“Shhhh.” Zsofia says softly as she continues to stroke his hair in a soothing way. “Just relax and let grandfather and Klara work on it.

Stephen squeezes Zsofia’s soft petite hand as it rest in his. He is glad she is here for her caring nature does seem to be keeping him in a calmer state than what he would normally be in. Everyone is making such a fuss over the wound that he cannot help but think it is a bigger deal than what they are letting on.

“Steee. . . van.” Says Tamas as he rubs his eyes and walks out of the adjoining room to join the group.

“Oh Tamas.” Zsofia says as she reaches for him with one hand. “Sit here, next to me.” She says as he walks toward her.

“Stee. . . van?” The young man questions as he sits down on the floor next to his sister.

“He is okay, he just had an accident.” She assures her brother.


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