Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 493) Anxiousness

With Laszlo tending to Stephen, Klara removes a cloth from the cut on her hand and wraps her injury with another cloth soaked in the same green toned liquid.

“How is your hand, Klara?” Zsofia asks as she looks up at the old woman.

“Oh it’s fine dear, just fine.” Klara replies as she turns her back to the group sitting on the floor.

She walks towards the doorway, but does not get anywhere near the opening to the hall, and she stops after taking only two steps. Stephen can hear her whispering, almost chanting, as she keeps her distance. He wants to sit up so he can see what she is doing, but for an old man, Laszlo is keeping a firm debilitating hold on him.

Another roll of thunder batters the landscape as the electricity flickers and shuts off completely. With nighttime now encroaching through the windows of the manor and the low amber bulbs of the hallway now black, the entire structure has an air of anxiousness about it. No longer allowing himself to be controlled, Stephen forces his way up to a sitting position.

“Stephen do not move so fast, you’ll hurt yourself.” Zsofia says as she takes the damp cloth from her grandfather and holds it to Stephens wound.

“I’m alright.” He says and then he points at Klara. “What in the world was she thinking?” He says as he nods in the old woman’s direction.


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