Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 494) Shaking Hand

Klara still has her back to the group and only low candlelight has saved them from total darkness. Stephen does not see the Guta in the hall, but with the current conditions, it could very well be standing there waiting for the next person to get close enough to snatch them away.

“Grandfather, what is it?” Zsofia asks as she realizes he is staring down at the pin in his violently shaking hand.

“This,” he pauses, “this pin.”

“What is it, what about it?” Zsofia asks quickly for she can see how upsetting this is to her grandfather.

“I, I laid this with her body the day of her burial.” He continues to stare at the object in his hand. “It was buried with her.” He states clearly upset and confused and oddly enough, Klara lets out a little laugh.

To Stephen, this statement was not funny in any way and he watches the old woman as she continues to stand very still and very quiet. If he did not know better, he would mistake her for a plastic mannequin for she is so steady in her stance that he cannot tell if she is breathing.


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