Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 497) Her Honesty

It does seem odd to Stephen that Klara happens to have a good amount of supplies for the night on hand. It is as if she knew in advance how the events would play out. Either the abilities she claims to have are valid, or she has schemed to make it appear so. Now that he delves deeper into these past hours, she has been the one carrying on a good majority of the conversation.

If she knows as much as she appears to, why has she not acted on her knowledge and why when he first met her was she trying to gain access to the manor? Surely, she had this planned. It is the only explanation. Before Stephen has a chance to question her, she walks over to where he is still sitting on the floor and looks down at him. Her round hunched shoulders are almost invisible behind her hair and face as she leans in very close.

“I needed the manor as refuge.” The old woman says as she looks down at him and snickers for this answer is to the question in his mind.

Stephen is not sure if she is mocking him or if she is trying to be helpful, but her odd way at responding has him wondering if she too should be feared. He does not say a word but stares into her eyes hoping he will see something that will prove her honesty.


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