Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 499) Impossible

“Is anyone ever safe from things they cannot see?” Klara questions as she looks at Tamas. “Are you truly alone when you believe yourself to be? Or does something walk with you when you least expect it?” Her voice trails off as she turns toward Stephen. “Do you honestly believe the beast is the only mystery among us?”

“So what are we doing then?” Stephen questions as his heart rate increases. “If we can get lucky enough to get past that. . . that thing without losing our lives, are you expecting us to just walk away and leave it here? How does that solve anything for anyone?” He questions while almost yelling. “How does giving a mythical monster a physical dwelling solve anything?” Stephen slaps his hand on his leg for clearly he is frustrated.

He looks over as Zsofia who is finally successful at deterring her brother’s attention. She helps Tamas sit down on the sofa and they begin to pull the contents from Klara’s black bag. Stacking them neatly, they set out extra candles and a lantern along with two small books.

“It does not solve anything, Istvan. You are right.” The old woman says in a solemn way. “The only way to truly break the curse is to offer the demon a severance of life and blood from the one whom laid down the rules. Only then will the Guta be completely relieved of the binding it has been ensnared with by your grandmother.”

“But that is impossible!” Stephen says as he runs his hand through his dark hair and looks toward the open doorway. “My grandmother is the one that placed the hold on it and she is dead!” He then stops after he realizes what Klara said.


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