Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 500) Orchestrated

In his mind, Stephen replays what Klara just said. “Blood of the one that issued the curse must be given as an offering.” With his grandmother gone, Stephen is the only living member of her bloodline. He can hear his heartbeat growing louder as the thumping in his ears begin to pulse and a warm flush of anxiety washes over him. He knows where this conversation is leading and he feels foolish for not realizing it earlier. His mind begins to race through the events of the past few months.

Has he been purposely brought here as an offering to free the Guta? Has all of this, the death of his great-uncle, the trip from his home in the states, the events of tonight, have they all been planned and orchestrated by this mysterious old woman? She never answered his question about Tamas. She never explained how he went from missing to being asleep and safe in the adjoined bedroom. The strike of a match stirs him from his thoughts.

“There, that is a little better.” Zsofia says as she carries a lit candle to the fireplace placing it on the thick stone mantel.

“Light.” States Tamas as he holds another candle out for his sister to ignite.

Watching this interaction, Stephen begins to dwell on what motives are driving the events that have taken place since he came here. If Klara is indeed up to something, how can he ensure his friends will remain safe?


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