Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 501) Eccentric

“Tamas, how did you get here, in this room?” Stephen asks.

He hears the quivering of anger in his own voice and he notices Klara expressionless face as she turns to look at him. Looking up from his task, Tamas points to Klara and then goes back to setting candles in a neat row on the table.

“We came here,” the old woman says as she waves her hand from Laszlo to Zsofia, “because you had left the night before to look for Tamas. You are the one that came here first, we simply followed.”

“I realize that, but how did you find Tamas and bring him to this alleged secure room?” Stephen waves his hand in the air then pauses and shakes his head as he almost laughs. “This all looks like it was well planned out to me.” He says as he glares at Klara.

“What are you saying, Stephen?” Zsofia questions as she sits down again next to Tamas.

Stephen stands up and walks over to the fireplace where he pulls the small locket from his pocket and opens it. Peering at the face in the faded photo, he feels hatred for the woman he knows to be his deceased grandmother. In a calmer tone than before, he begins to speak.

“I can’t help but feel that this is all a game drummed up by an old eccentric woman.” Stephen says harshly as he looks up at Klara surprised to see her responding to his comment with a grin.


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