Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 502) Her Eyes

“Oh I can assure you, if I had such power it would not have taken this long to find us here, at this moment.” The old woman grumbles as she takes a seat next to Laszlo. Her eyes are piercing as she looks directly at Stephen. “I am not your enemy, Istvan. That monster from your past, the one here in this house, it is all you should fear.” She points toward the hall.

“Listen, we need to calm down and stick together. Everyone is tired and. . . well there is no other way to say it, we are trapped.” Zsofia says as she walks over to stand next to Stephen.

Looping her arm though Stephen’s arm, Zsofia pulls herself to him, then gently reaches up and turns his head toward her. With them both facing each other, he can see the expression in her eyes. He sees an understanding and even though her face is serious and calm, her eyes are smiling and he feels himself relaxing. Softly she kisses his cheek and then leans her head on his shoulder as they stand near the fire together.

Stephen is overcome with emotion for his fair-haired friend and is doing all he can to refrain from showing his true feelings. He loves Zsofia. There is no doubt in his mind that he does which makes him feel horrible in what he believes he must now do.


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