Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 503) Never Let Go

Closing his eyes, Stephen snaps the locket containing his grandmother’s photo shut and squeezes it with anger in his hand. He hates the woman he never knew, he is glad she is dead and wishes she had suffered longer for because of her, many individuals have done that very thing. They suffered with the torment and fear the Guta engulfs in its prey. Squeezing the personal item of this malicious ancestor in his hand, he wishes it would shatter into thousands of pieces.

In learning what he has about his ancestors, and with much regret and sadness because of it, he knows what he must do to bring this nightmare curse to the proper end. Foremost, he knows he must protect the individuals he has grown to care about the most. He now realizes this is exactly what Klara had told him during their first meeting together and obviously, she was right.

If the Guta is indeed after him, he must distance himself from his friends in order to keep them from falling victim. He must force them as far away from him as possible and not just for this moment, but probably forever. That is if he himself somehow manages to survive.

This is heart wrenching, a disaster in his life, the woman he feels truly loves him for who he is must be protected and to do this, he must push her away. Never in his life has such a connection been so strong or felt as right as the one he has with Zsofia. With the warmth of her body pressed next to his, her movement is soft and easy, his anger grows as he fights back the urge to hold her tightly and never let go.


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