Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 505) His Focus

“What’s going on, Stephen?” Zsofia questions as she wraps an arm around her brothers waist to hold him steady.

She also takes hold of the back of Stephen’s shirt by clutching the fabric tightly in her hand. Tamas continues to look forward with a stunned expression as Klara finally makes eye contact with Stephen. The look in his eyes must be obvious for she immediately turns toward the door.

“What is it, Stephen? What do you see?” She whispers in her crackling voice as she turns back to look at him.

“It has crossed the barrier. . . the Guta is in the room.” Stephen says in a low voice without deterring his focus from the creature that is slowly, in a hesitant manner, coming toward him.

Stephen reaches back and holds Tamas by the arm but his young friend begins to cry out in fear. The sound of his voice is of pure terror as he breaks free from Stephen and Zsofia’s clutches. He runs straight for the bedroom and disappears into the dimness of the room. It is obvious the Guta is not interested for it continues, without blinking, to move forward now only a few feet from Stephen.

“Tamas!” Zsofia screams to her brother as she watches his reaction to what she cannot see. “Stephen what is it?” Zsofia yells as she runs after her brother and at this moment, with Zsofia frightened and running, Stephen makes a mistake and diverts his focus from the demon to her.


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