Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 506) Vulnerable

As Stephen turns toward Zsofia, he sees she is near the door to the adjoining bedroom when she stops and looks back at him. This is when a blow of incredible force plunges into Stephen’s side dropping him to the floor on his knees. He begins to cough from the horrific pain shooting through his liver and ribs as he holds his side in agony.

Never before in his life has he experienced such a paralyzing feeling. The pain is beyond anything he could ever imagine. Huddled on the floor, helpless and vulnerable, he cannot take in a breath and he feels as if his lungs are collapsing. He is doing all he can to gasp for a breath but the air will not come and the pain is too great. He knows without a doubt, he is losing this fight.

All efforts to gain his footing are impossible as he rolls forward falling hard onto his left shoulder before his head hits the floor. The coldness of the room sends shivers throughout his entire body as he lays powerless. More disturbing to him than his own misfortune is the last thing he hears. It is Zsofia, she is screaming his name, over and over, before fading away into a darkness that frightens and consumes him.


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