Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 507) A Mission

Walking through a dark misty substance hanging in the air much like a heavy mist mixed with smoke, Stephen finds himself on the path from the gatehouse to the manor. He has no idea why he is here or how he came to be on this darkened hillside. The moon is full as thick clouds pass in front of it changing a brightening landscape to a dimming and mysterious one. The movement from one extreme to the other does not allow for Stephens eyes to adjust quick enough to focus on any one thing.

Looking in the direction of the manor, its shadowed walls appear to loom and tower as if twice as tall as he recalls it to be. His steps are methodical as he follows the large flat stone surface until it merges with the front entrance of the massive dwelling.

Without pausing, he pushes the door open and steps inside the manor and as if angry, slams the door behind him. This aggressive action causes a loud echo to reverberate throughout the entrance hall but again, he marches forward as if on a mission. He keeps thinking to himself that something is amiss for he does not truly feel as if he is in control of his actions.

“Am I dreaming?” He says aloud as he pushes the door to the conservatory open so hard it sounds as if he nearly cracked the wood frame.


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