Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 508) A Void

In this dream state, the dim lights at the base of the trees in the conservatory create a muted and mystical glow throughout the entire encased room. The plantings seem to tower over Stephen as if they are twice the size he remembers them to be. The waterfall at the far corner of the garden has a full rushing sound to it unlike the gentle trickle of water he has grown to recognize.

“What is going on?” He says to himself for he is confused and feeling dizzy as if everything around him is blurred and disconnected.

It is now at this strange moment, Zsofia pop’s into his mind as he tries to envision the features of her face and the sweet scent of her hair, but nothing is coming to him. It is very odd that he knows of her, seems to know what he is missing, yet cannot recollect anything about her. How could he forget such things? It is as if she was a character in a dream and once awake, the memory is fading. Nervousness has fallen over him as he slows the pace at which he is walking.

Stephen shakes his head as he continues to walk through the incredibly overgrown plantings and unkempt ornamentals. The small creeks, which are the life force to the many species of vegetation planted here, are rushing much faster than the soothing trickling sounds of a slow peaceful runoff. Pausing, to look back in the direction he came from, there is absolutely nothing but blackness, a void, complete silence.


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