Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 509) Dread

“What the hell is happening?” Stephen whispers to himself as he reaches for his pills.

His pockets are empty and his vice for fear and anxiety is now missing. Staring into the darkness that has erased where he has been, he knows something is there watching and following.

“Am I dead?” He questions to himself as an overwhelming dread rushes through him like a wave of torment.

“Stephen!” He hears a familiar voice yell.

The female voice, which in his mind he cannot attach to a face, is coming from above and he stops to look up at the many layers of suspended platforms that cross overhead. The farther up the darker the shadows and the negated blackness begins to swallow the area as it closes in on him from all directions.

“Stephen, help me!” The woman cries out again as the platform she is on squeaks of metal against metal due to the movement of her running.

“Where are you? Who are you?” He yells as he looks up turning around trying to see in the dimming light.

A sweet scent fills his senses with hints of berries and citrus. He recognizes this aroma so well that Zsofia’s image instantly flashes into his mind’s eye and the love he feels for her brings tears to his panicked eyes.

“Zsofia?” He questions under his breath. “Zsofia!” He yells.


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