Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 510) Suffocating

Stephen spins around trying to locate the woman, who he believes to be Zsofia, as she runs along the conservatory platforms above him. However, now the blackness surrounding him is darker than the night as it clouds over the very last bit of light around him. His breaths become rapid and he believes this is what it feels like to drown. His need to find Zsofia is so great that he falls to his knees as his eyes fill of lonely suffocating tears. All the light is now gone and a rushing sound, louder than anything he has every heard, floods around him. He begins to feel he has become part of whatever this obscure darkness is.

“Nooooo!” He screams at the top of his lungs and suddenly as if he is falling from a great distance, he awakens on the rug of the second floor sitting room.

Opening his eyes wide and fearful, he sees the flickering light of candles on the table near him. The room is quiet and empty of any guests and rain is blasting at the windows with great force.

“Zsofia?” He says as he sits up wiping tears from his cheeks.

Turning to look toward the fireplace, he now feels a sharp pain in his side that nearly takes his breath. He remembers watching the demon approach him before feeling more pain than he has ever experienced. Turning back, he looks toward the door to the bedroom that Zsofia and Tamas escaped too. At least, that is what he hopes, that they escaped unharmed.


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