Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 512) Condensation

Once in the hallway, it is apparent the manor has taken on a peculiar and threatening atmosphere. Aside from the heavy rain pouring down outside, there is only silence in the rooms and corridors as Stephen slowly passes by. There are no voices to follow nor lights to see by and he feels as if hands are reaching out, brushing against his clothing ever so slightly.

The thought of this actually happening has him reaching a panicked state. He trips and falls causing the ever-present bottle of pills to slip out of his pocket and roll across the floor, clattering and tumbling its contents inside. This is quite a welcomed sound for during his dreamlike experience, he feared he had lost them completely.

On his hands and knees, he searches in the dark patting his hands on the cold floor as he tries to locate the bottle that is now somewhere in the shadows of the hall. Moving to the right he feels the coolness of the large stones that make up the outer wall closest to the conservatory. Running his hands past the stones, he begins inching his way along the wall.

“Where is everyone?” He whispers to himself as he glances out the window to view the conservatory.

Standing just inside the glass, on the suspended walkway of the second floor, he sees Klara. She is looking at the levels above her as if contemplating on how to reach them. Oddly enough, the enclosed garden is well-lit, for he can see her as plain as day behind the thick condensation that has gathered on the window.


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