Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 513) Separation

As Stephen takes a step to get closer to the window for a better view, his foot hits the bottle of pills causing it to roll slightly. Lightning flashes brightly in through the window and there on the floor he sees his addictive vice.

“There you are.” He says.

Quickly he snatches it up and presses his back up against the wall as if trying to flatten himself to it. Now that he retrieved what he felt was essential, he pours three pills into the palm of his hand, then quickly drops them on his tongue.

“Down the hatch.” He says to himself as he begins to force them down without any liquid.

Almost gagging, he swallows them in a dry harsh and sour manner. As cold and damp as the air has become, he is burning up with terror and apprehension. Just as he straightens up and leans back to observe the activity in the conservatory, the wet and bare sound of pattering feet on the floor run past him. He did not see anyone or anything but the noise was undeniable. The Guta is here in the hallway with him.

Holding his breath, he does not blink nor does he attempt to move in any direction. His body is still aching from the severity of the last attack, which led to his now distant and confusing separation from the group. Why has that happened, how could they just leave him there on the floor alone and vulnerable to the demon?


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