Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 515) Games At Play

“I don’t care anymore.” Stephen grumbles now hoping his time has come. “I’ve lived in your shadow my entire life!” He yells as he marches forward and lightning flickers again. “Come on! Just do it!” He challenges.

“Shhhh!” Zsofia says as she jumps out at him placing her hand over his mouth, pulling him into a small alcove in the wall. “What are you doing?” She questions nervously.

Looking into her eyes, Stephen sees nothing but fear. Her pupils are wide and the whites of her eyes red from lack of sleep, as she keeps her hand to his lips. They are standing only inches apart as they stare at each other without blinking. Slowly Zsofia shakes her head back and forth and then tears well up in her blue eyes.

As if a wave of compassion covers him, Stephen’s temper calms and he takes her in his arms. She is trembling and her skin is cold to the touch as he pulls her in tight. He has no idea why she is alone but it is apparent to him that she too is confused about what has happened. He thinks to himself that maybe she did not leave him after all; maybe she too is a victim of the games at play here.

“What’s going on?” He questions as he looks out at the dark hall.

“I. . . I’m not sure.” Zsofia says in a weak and quivering voice. “Tamas was running, I went after him, I heard you yell out and. . . everything went black.”


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