Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 517) Genuine

As soon as Stephen and Zsofia’s feet touch the main floor of the entrance hall, there is a loud sound in the conservatory, as if something heavy fell from high above. Laszlo’s words are inaudible as he once again yells an angry phrase. This time they hear a reply and it is from Klara.

“If you have better idea’s then speak them!” The old woman yells from where she is standing on the fourth floor walkway of the conservatory.

The iron supports are squeaking as she moves and the entire suspension of the section she is on is swinging back and forth, as she holds on tightly to the railings.

“Grandfather, what is going on?” Zsofia quizzes as she rushes to his side.

The old man turns, taking his granddaughter in his arms holding her tightly. This moment is genuine and filled with strong emotions.

“Why did you run off? I was so worried about you.” He says in a harsh yet loving way.

“I had to find Stephen.” She replies without any hesitation.

There is a brief pause in the conversation between Zsofia and her grandfather. They stand facing each other, looking eye to eye until Laszlo nods yes with understanding as he moves his head up and down.


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