Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 519) Wisdom

“She is going to fall.” Stephen says as he starts to walk toward the iron spiral staircase that winds its way upward with connections to each level of walkways.

“No, Stephen.” Zsofia says as she grabs his arm stopping him. “As unstable as the platforms are, you stepping on the staircase may be too much for it.”

“I can’t just stand here and watch her fall. Someone needs to steady the cables to keep the platform from moving so much.” He says, as he looks Zsofia in the eyes, she seems to read his thoughts and nods that she understands.

“Okay, I know, but we will have to go another way.” She does not adjust the gaze of her eyes or the loving look in them until she glances at her grandfather.

“No Zsofia, we all need to stay together.” Laszlo pleads as he takes her by the hand to hold her back.

“Grandfather, we have to help her. Whatever it is she is trying to do, we cannot step back and simply allow her to get hurt.

“You are right, I know, but you and Stephen. . . the Guta.” He starts to say as a fearful look comes across his face.

“It is because of the Guta we have to help.” Zsofia says softly. “Klara is doing this for a reason, grandfather. And if she knows a way to free us all from this trap, we need to do our part as well.” Zsofia says with much wisdom and with a nod from her grandfather, Laszlo releases his hold on her.


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