Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 521) To Protect

Switching the light on, it shoots a strong beam into the hall as Stephen and Zsofia, once again, enter the darkness of the many walls and corridors of the manor. Quickly making their way past the door to the dining room, they walk close to the wall until they reach the spiral staircase located near the mudroom of the kitchen.

“If I remember correctly, we can take this all the way to the fourth floor.” Stephen says as they enter the small room.

He allows Zsofia to lead, but not out of fear, as they begin to climb the stairs. He feels this is the best way to protect her for he can reach around her at any minute to pull her to him. In addition, if something is following, he will be the first target, not her. In order to be as protective as possible, he stays only one step behind, moving his feet at exactly the same time as hers. Once they reach the second floor, she stops.

“Where do you think the Guta is?” Zsofia questions in a whisper as she looks back at Stephen.

“I don’t know, but we need to speed up and get to Klara as soon as possible.” Stephen replies as they both focus on their mission and quickly climb to the third floor.

“One more to go.” Zsofia says as she quickly swings around the railing and starts up the last section of the staircase.


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