Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 522) Fearless

Stephen continues to follow closely behind Zsofia as they step out onto the fourth floor area, the glow from the conservatory has the entire space illuminated. If this night were not so dreadful, it would actually be quite pretty and soothing to sit up here overlooking the greenery below.

“Wow, this is beautiful.” Zsofia says as she leans back slightly to keep from getting drenched with rainwater.

Quickly she runs toward the protection of the enclosed fourth floor section and points to a small door that will take them inside the walls of the conservatory.

“Here, this entrance is right next to her, we should be able to pull her to us easily.”

“You stay here; I don’t think we can both do this without adding too much movement and weight to the supports.” Stephen says as he passes by.

“Be careful.” Zsofia whispers as she stops where she is.

Once Stephen reaches the iron door, he pulls it open and can see that Klara is actually only two arm lengths away. Kneeling down carefully, with the platform swaying as she moves, the old woman leans out grabbing hold of the thick rope she so urgently desires. The door creaks and pops as Stephen slowly pushes it all the way open. The look on the old woman’s face as she turns toward him confuses Stephen. She seems to be angry and fearful, yet somehow fearless at the same time.


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