Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 523) Interwoven

“Klara?” Stephen says in a calm tone.

Keeping his footing just inside the door to hold it open and to avoid standing on the already stressed suspended walkway, he reaches his left hand out to her.

“You need to let it go.” He says as he steps out onto the platform and tries to grab hold of her, but she backs away.

“I need this rope, Istvan.” She says as she looks up at him causing the suspended path to sway.

A large bolt slips out of its space causing the section right next to her to squeak loudly and suddenly break away. It does not fall but in no way is this platform secure enough to support either of them.

“It’s just a rope.” Stephen says as he continues to reach for her.

“Her energy is bound to it.” Klara says as she sits very calm waiting for the movement of the walkway to stop. “This was touching her as her spirit was released from her body.” She says quietly as she begins to loosen the knot holding it to the suspension wire. “Good and bad, what she was is here, interwoven in this physical item.”


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One response

  1. I like the belief that a Spirit can stay with us, maybe in a rope. . .

    October 4, 2015 at 7:34 am

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