Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 526) Manic

“Klara, are you alright?” Zsofia questions.

She tries to console the disturbed woman but nothing is stopping her focused pacing pattern. Stephen finds himself confused by what is happening and why now, all of a sudden this woman is now in some sort of manic state.

In her hands is the thick faded rope she apparently needed bad enough to risk her and Stephen’s life for. She runs her hands over it, pulling it section by section until she gets to the end where she pauses and then starts the process over. Without any indication of a change in her nature, she stops abruptly, no longer pacing back and forth, and no longer pulling the rope through her loosely clutched fingers. She stands very still and quiet with her back to them as if in a daze.

Zsofia looks at Stephen as all three of them stand motionless and silent. Here on the fourth floor, with rain plummeting down on the rooftop and pouring off the eaves onto the large open balcony area, time seems to have stopped. Stephen feels the need to get everyone back together and this means he, Zsofia and Klara, must make their way back down to the ground floor where Laszlo and Tamas are waiting.

“Klara?” Stephen questions as he walks up to her but she does not move or verbally respond.


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