Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 527) Her Eyes

“Excuse me, Klara? Are you alright?” Stephen quizzes and as she turns around, he looks into her eyes.

Shocked by what he sees he jumps from fright and steps backward in a stumble. The old woman’s eyes, big, round and open very wide, are pale lavender in color instead of the chocolate-brown he knows her to have. She does not blink but instead seems to glare at him, much as a wild animal would prior to a vicious attack. He is on edge waiting for her to pounce but she stands, in her normal crooked stance, with arms bent and hands curved around the tattered length of rope she clings too.

“Stephen?” Zsofia questions as she watches the two of them interact. “What is it?” She quizzes as she steps around to look at Klara. “Oh, what. . . what is going on?” She states before swiftly covering her mouth with her hand and backing away to be closer to Stephen.

“I don’t know.” He says almost at a whisper as he continues to study the old woman’s face and the odd discoloration of her eyes.

It appears she is not fully in control of herself for she is not moving nor is she speaking to either one of them. The odd coloration of her eyes is like a fog from within and it looks much like the eyes of death. It is as if all signs of life have been pulled from her body leaving only a shell of a person behind. From where they stood compared to where they are now, Klara has not followed Stephen or Zsofia. She is standing firm, still in her pose looking the same direction as if frozen in this stance for all time.


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