Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 530) Left Alone

As Stephen sits with Klara, he begins to think of the events of the past several hours. He is not sure how, but he has managed to take control of this entire situation without much fear or nervousness. In his mind, he is simply doing what he must do to survive and he has not stopped to think about what it is that has empowered him. From down the hall, he sees the white beam from the flashlight and knows Zsofia is coming this way.

“Where are grandfather and Tamas?” Zsofia asks with much worry as she enters the kitchen.

“What do you mean? Are they not in the conservatory? Stephen quizzes as he stands up and steps in her direction but what Klara says next stops him.

“Haven’t you noticed we have been left alone?” Klara quizzes as she sits hunched over with her elbows on the table and hands on her forehead.

Stephen looks at her and realizes yes, she is correct. With all the walking they had to do in the past hour to get to and from the fourth floor, he has not felt that anyone or anything followed. There has been no taunting by the Guta for some time now and to Stephen, it appears evident this is connected to the disappearance of Laszlo and Tamas.

“So what does this mean?” Stephen questions to Klara as Zsofia quickly walks over to be close to him.

The old woman sits quietly, not moving or speaking and Stephen gives her several seconds to respond before he becomes frustrated. Just as he begins to lash out at her verbally, she stands, holds onto the chair for support, then turns and takes a few steps toward the entrance to the mudroom.


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