Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 531) Steps Back

With her back turned and her head protruding forward, Klara begins to mumble. Her hands are out to her side to steady her stance as she speaks and shakes her head as if having a conversation with an unseen person.

“Damn it Klara!” Stephen says with anger. “You have to tell us what is going on! What do you know that you are not telling us?” He says as he marches toward her, grabbing her by the arm to make her face him.

Neither Stephen nor Zsofia are prepared for her reaction to his demands as she quickly turns, head tilted down as she looks up with white and lavender eyes just like before. This thick looking fog fills her eye sockets, as she appears to look straight at Stephen.

Startled and unsure of the old woman’s intent, Stephen protects Zsofia by positioning her directly behind himself with his hands on her hips to hold her in place. He takes two steps back to put more distance between them and Klara. He feels Zsofia’s hands on his as the old woman giggles.

“The Guta is down below in the darkness where it thrives. It wants to lure them there, but they are hiding, so now. . . it comes for you, Istvan.” The old woman cackles with a low whispering laugh as she twists the rope in her hands.


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