Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 532) Tight

Klara moves around the small space as if nervous and lost and continues to twist and turn the thick tattered rope in her hands. Low mumbles that are unrecognizable leave her lips and then suddenly, she stops and looks toward the doorway to the kitchen.

Watching and wondering how he can protect Zsofia and himself from what he fears comes next, Stephen pushes backward until Zsofia’s back is against the wall. His hatred for Klara is rushing through his body because he feels that somehow she is creating this horrific event. Why is she laughing? Why is she doing this? Her physical stance has not changed as she continues to be very quiet and focused on the doorway.

“Zsofia, I don’t know what to do.” Stephen says as he continues to stand with his back to her and before she can answer, he sees it.

The Guta has come into view. It stands in the shadows of the hall but does not enter the room. Klara slowly begins to back up as she pulls the rope tight in her hands holding it out in front of her in a firm straight line.


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